The whole school managed to see one of 3 performances of Cinderella, performed by the travelling panto.

This is an annual event for the children, kindly organised by Mrs Woodward and paid for from the PTA funds. We love that every child gets the joy of experiencing a panto each year!


Something for the classrooms, we have funded a renewal to the subscription to this scheme as requested by school.

Many thanks to Mrs Greenwood for all her work with this.


The infants were treated to a free performance of Wind in the Willows from Hobgoblin Theatre Company based in Redhill.

The children were super excited as they gathered into the hall. There were lots of giggles and laughs, the most popular bit being the pretend prison!

Many thanks to the Hobgoblin Theatre for this unexpected surprise!

CIRCUS: 7th - 8th June 2023

The circus came to school!

The Big Top arrived very early on Wednesday 7th June so the children saw it as they arrived at school, erected in the infants field. Over the Wednesday and Thursday every student had the opportunity to attend a circus workshop and learn some skills themselves.

Come Friday and every student went into the Big Top to see how the professionals put the skills to use and saw a circus show for themselves.

We were very keen that if a circus comes to school, no child misses out on being involved.

While the parents weren't able to attend a show, they didn't miss out on a unique experience completely with Live Music from our local celebrities, Mad Dog and Moonshine (aka Matt and Martin) from Idol Hands.


Throughout the year we have also invested small amounts in various cultural events.

Examples are:

PANTOMIME: January 2023

A HUGE thank you to the school and particularly to Mrs Woodward for organising a pantomime to come to school in January. All year 1 - year 6 students got to watch Snow White - we hope they all thoroughly enjoyed it!

As a PTA we love this annual event as much as the children. An expenditure of funds to ensure that every child in the school has the opportunity to see a pantomime once a year.

So also a massive thanks to the parents for supporting our events, therefore allowing the children to have this fun experience with all their friends!