Game Exchange

🌟 WOW! What a win for sustainability, our pockets and the school! 🌟

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Donation Week at St. Mary's Primary!Β 

Your generosity and support have truly made a difference.

A special shout-out to all the puzzle enthusiasts who swung by after school today! We hope you snagged some fantastic puzzles to keep you entertained during the cozy winter months ahead.

But wait, there's more! πŸŽ‰ A colossal THANK YOU goes out to our incredible organizers who worked tirelessly all week, collecting donations and orchestrating an amazing sale. Together, we've raised over Β£180! Your hard work and dedication have made this possible, and we're incredibly grateful for your efforts.

Your contributions will go a long way in supporting our school community, and we couldn't have done it without each and every one of you. Your kindness and generosity have warmed our hearts this winter season. Thank you for making Donation Week a tremendous success! 🌟✨